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Eye care therapy

Why is it essential?

  • People with are being diagnosed at a very early age with power in their eyes. There are many drawbacks since they have to now completely change their lifestyle. Even after wearing spectacles, they have minor problems throughout their life. Yes it happens while the person with hazy vision visits doctor despite same spectacles he/she has been using for years but goes to get routine examination fearing a cataract and there is surprise in store that he/she is wearing spectacles with Wrong & Higher Power- the same ones, the Companion since ages, since school days.

What is new about this?

  • We have a permanent solution for this issue with the Eye care Therapy. The various benefits are

    • Vision improvement naturally
    • Relieves eye strain, eye pressure
    • Helps eye nerves relaxation
    • Help to gradually reduce dependency on glasses

    How to use

    • Wear this for half an hour, twice a day. This can be worn when doing the daily routine tasks.

    • There is also an additional Eye cooling gel mask. Apply this cool aloe Vera eye mask completely covering your eyes.Keep it on your eyes for a minimum of 15-30 minutes with your eyes closed for relaxation, to remove stress and remove under eye circles.

    Other perks

    • Unisex wear can be worn by both men and women and Can be used by persons of all age groups.
    • You get an amazing eye cooling gel along with this offer today
    • We are offering 1 Eye care Therapy glass & Aviator Sun Glass
    • The eye care therapy glass & Aviator Sun Glass comes to you for just Rs.2499/- as an introductory offer

    Special offer

    • We are now giving the eye care therapy glass & Aviator Sun Glass at the price of one. We are receiving immense response for this product and have many satisfied customers who recommend it to their friends and family also!!


    • Product Dimensions 17 x 12 x 10 cm
    • Material:Medical Plastic
    • Colour: Black
    • Lens Height:51mm
    • Lens Width:51mm

    How does this glass work?

  • It works through the stenopeic holes. These glasses are typically eyeglasses with lenses that are full of a grid of tiny holes. They help your eyes focus by shielding your vision from indirect rays of light. By letting less light into your eye, so people can see more clearly.

  • Other Benefits

    • It is now widely believed that small hole glasses can actually improve vision, avoid visual impairment, and even ophthalmologists use small hole devices to check for ametropia.
    • Pinhole vision improvement. Frequent use of small glasses instead of prescription glasses (television, computer, reading) will improve vision, nature and no medication. A 10-20% improvement in vision was achieved in 2-4 weeks.
    • Pinhole glasses exercises. Wearing 15 minutes a day will help improve your vision. Activate your natural vision ability in a few weeks. Clearly eliminate stress, strain-induced glasses can help you clearly see the distance and promote visual habits.
    • Eyeglasses under the eyes Problem: Myopia (myopia) hyperopia (long-term target) presbyopia (age-related reduction of a series of focus) astigmatism cataract eye fatigue (from the computer screen).
    • Help exercise eye muscles and relax your eyes, relieve fatigue caused by long-term use of the eye.


    • Now I am using a power glass, if I change my glass and wear Eye care glass will I be able to do my work?

      By using this Eye care glass you can able to see clearly unlike your normal power glass. The magic behind the Eye care glass is the therapy holes. This therapy holes slowly correct your eye sight by focusing your eyes and also helps you to get a clear vision.

    • I am not using any power glass. How is it useful for me?

      Absolutely you are the right person to use this glass because you can prevent any eye problems that may affect you in the future.

    • I am using power lens for my eyes. So after using this therapy glass, can I able to use my lens again?

      Of course you can use your lens after wearing this Eye care therapy glass and gradually it would reduce the power of your lens by daily usage. In fact, we assure you that you can get rid of your power glasses with regular use of the eye care therapy glasses after 6 months to 1 year time.

    • Do I need a Doctor’s prescription to use this Eye care therapy glass?

      This is not a medical product. If you are undergoing any treatment for your eyes, you can use this therapy glass and it gives you good exercise for your eyes and also helps you to stay safe. It helps reduce eye pressure and helps in reducing your power and improves your eyesight.

    • Can I use this for Cataracts problem?

      This product is not manufactured for Cataracts problem, but you can use this Eye care therapy glass to protect your eyes after Cataracts treatment.

    • I had undergone an eye surgery recently, can I use this Eye care glass?

      Yes, it will reduce your eye pressure, eye fatigue, strain etc. by protecting your eyes.

    • Can I use this for different Eye powers?

      It can be used for different eye powers. It will gradually improve your eyesight.

    • Are the holes in this Eye care therapy glass of equal size?

      The holes in this glass are of equal size and equally designed.

    • Will it block adequate moisture from the eyes?

      No it won’t. If you are undergoing any eye treatment, then you can use this as an exercise to your eyes. It helps to keep your eyes protected from stress and eye pressure.

    • Can I use this while I am driving ?

      No you can’t. Because these glasses reduce brightness and peripheral vision, and thus should not be used for driving or when operating machinery.

    • Can it be used to cure migraine headache?

      It helps to cure migraine headache. But it can't be used for the headache caused by other health problems.

    • I need only 2 regular size glass?

      We are offering 2 numbers of glass in this box for elders as well as children as children these days are exposed to factors causing eye strain and eye pressure. Also, some people may have smaller faces too. So it will be helpful.

    • What is the material of this Eye care therapy glass?

      Manufactured using plastic material used for medical purpose.

    • Can I use this glass in the day time?

      Yes, you can use this in the day time, going out, using computers, watching TV or reading books etc.

    • How many days should I use this glass?

      It can be used at home every day for 20 to 30 minutes. If you use this glass daily, it will helps you to fix problems in your eyes, even those who haven't any problems in the eyes can also use it. It will prevent your eyes from the eye related problems in the future. We assure you that you can get rid of your power glasses with regular use of the eye care therapy glasses after 6 months to 1 year time as it helps reduce eye pressure and improves eyesight gradually with regular use.

    • Price is high?

      Our eyes are extremely important, we look after ourselves by taking several preventive measures towards improving our health and beauty but we do not do anything for our eyes. The eye care therapy glasses reduce eye pressure and improves eye sight.

    • Can I use this glass for 2 - 3 hours continuously ?

      You can use it for 5 - 10 if you have no power or 20 - 30 minutes if you have power. If necessary, leave a space of 1 to 2 minutes gap and then you can use it.

    • Does it make any eye infections?

      Do not use this glass when there is an eye infection. Because eye related infection may spread to your family members if they use the same glass.

    • Blind persons can use it?

      This Eye care therapy glasses will gives you an exercises to your eyes and can help strengthen and train eye muscles, supporting your ability to focus and helping your eyes to maintain a healthy shape. These glasses are one way to exercise your eyes. So it can not be used by those who have lost eye sight.

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