5 Minutes Shaper

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5 Minutes Shaper

  • 5 Minutes Shaper utilizes the concept of Yoga plank position and sit-up combining them into a remarkable core building exercise. It combines cardio and toning to quickly burn fat and sculpt your body especially your back, waist, abs, buns, legs, and arms get toned.

    It helps you lose 5Kgs in just 2 weeks with just 5 minutes workout a day because this is a only fitness machine that gives work out against gravity.Perfect for all fitness levels! Simply select from beginner, intermediate, advanced, to expert levels based on your physical status.


  • Takes only 5 minutes a day
  • Easy assembly
  • Multifunctional exerciser with variable angle-adjustments
  • Doesn’t occupy much space and you can place it in a small place and work out.
  • Easily folds away for low profile storage under the bed or in a closet.
  • At the maximum 45° incline, the 5 Minute Shaper is a high level resistance trainer that quickly tightens muscles and builds core strength.


  • Weight capacity - Supports up to 113Kgs
  • Weight – 10Kgs
  • Material - High grade tensile steel
  • 1 X 5 Minute Shaper
  • 1 X Instructional Manual
  • 5 minutes body shaper DVD
  • Plus, it includes a Smart Monitor that calculates exercise duration, repetition, and calories burned.

    In Kart 555 we offer you 1 year warranty!


  • Why is it so expensive?

    Sir/Madam, let me tell you that FMS is the only machine that uses the Yoga plank position that helps improve your breathing, relaxes your body and mind, improves blood circulation.

  • What are the other benefits other than weight loss?

    It also helps to control your blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels etc.

  • Why is it different from regular exercises?

    You can stop the annoying little exercises that provide slow results now. The FMS uses Angle gravity dynamic motion that sculpts and tones your entire body with just a 5 minutes workout every day.

  • What are the other benefits?

    No need to work out in the gym – different work out machines for different body parts - The FMS works out your entire body and anyone can use it.No need for difficult diets and exercises.

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