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  • Do you experience hair fall due to harsh water, pollution, family and work tension and changes in lifestyle? Do you have early thinning of the crown and forehead, as a women do you experience large amount of hair fall after combing your hair?Then we have the one stop solution for all these problems- NEOMATIN STRONG HAIR GROWTH LOTION

What Neomatinstrong hair growth lotion does to your hair?

  • It hydrates your hair, giving it a lustrous and silky feel and removes the dandruff thus allowing the lotion to penetrate deep into the roots. This increases the blood circulation and thereby stopping hair fall and promoting hair growth. It is not like any other oil, it is a hair growth lotion
  • The main ingredient taken from Baobab tree which grows for 3,000 years. The minerals responsible for strengtheningthe tree roots for almost thousands of years are extracted and used in this lotion thus making our hair strong. The next ingredient is argan oil which is called as liquid gold. Hibiscus, aloe vera, Amla and Bhringaraj which are proven to increase hair growth are also present. This is the onlhair growth lotion with Aloe vera.

Baobab Tree

Argan Seed With Oil

Traditional Indian Herbs

How to Use

  • Gently comb your hair 2-3 times and take two to three pumps of lotion in your hand and massage gently in your scalp for about 5 minutes. Then gently comb the whole scalp.Use regularly morning and night. Since this is a non-sticky lotion, you do not have to wash your hair after each application. It is absorbed easily into the roots.


  • Made from Baobabtree oil and argan oil found in Africa.
  • Also contains traditional indian herbs like curry leaves, Bhringaraj, aloe vera, hibiscus and amla.
  • Non-sticky
  • Pleasant fragrance


  • Controls hair fall
  • Ensures faster hair growth
  • Controls & cures dandruff
  • Reduces stress
  • Keeps scalp naturally cool
  • Relieves headache
  • Does not make your face oily
  • Gets removed easily
  • Helps in curing headaches


  • Should Neomatinstrong be used before or after I take a shower?

    It can be applied anytime. It easily absorbs and does not make your hair look oily.

  • Can we use our regular hair gel after using this?

    No need. This is a replacement to all oils and lotions.

  • Does it stain in my shirt or helmet?

    It absorbs quickly in just 5 minutes. Hence it will not stain.

  • How many bottles should I use to notice a change?

    It takes two to three bottles to get a noticeable result. The first bottle completely stops the hairfall. After the second and third bottle, you can notice a difference in the density of your hair.

  • What type of hair types is Neomatin Premium hair growth lotion suitable for?

    The Neomatin strong hair growth lotion is suitable for all hair types

  • What type of hair problems can Neomatin Premium hair growth lotion solve?

    Neomatin Strong hair growth lotion is a natural treatment for thinning hair, hair fall, dandruff, alopecia, baldness treatment, etc.

  • What are the main ingredients used in Neomatin Premium hair growth lotion?

    The main ingredients used in Neomatin strong hair growth lotion contains the rare oils from the Baobab trees and Argan oil also known as Liquid gold only found in the African forests

  • What is the quantity of the Neomatin strong hair growth lotion?

    The Neomatin strong hair growth lotion comes in a 225 ml bottle

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