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Swing Max

  • Swing max is an indoor swing for children, it is a must have product in every home. Normally we buy expensive toys for our kids and watch them use it only for a week and throw it away with the other toys. Swing max can be used up to the age of 10 years.You can easily change the dull and boring apartment atmosphere to that of a park and thereby reduces the time children spend on TV’s and Mobile phones. This is a gift that kids will treasure for a long time.

Why choose swing max

  • We give you 1 year warranty. Our swing max comes in variety of colours for you to choose from. Unlike other swings, you do not need assistance to set it up. Our swing max has easy installation and it is firm and durable.

  • Since the frame is made from aircraft aluminium tube it is very strong and cannot easily break. It can withstand the weight even when your children stand and play on it.


  • The swing max instantly relaxes and calms the mind.
  • Children these days have stress because of school homework, tuitions, classes etc. Jus swinging on swing max for half an hour to one hour can relax their mind and improve focus, concentration and memory.
  • It is scientifically proved that even as adults when we sit on a swing our mood lightens up.
  • This is the best product for our compact houses, as it is very light weight and compact.
  • You can place this swing max anywhere in your bedroom, hall, kitchen, balcony, indoors and outdoors.
  • Swinging improves the child-parent bonding by allowing you to spend quality time together.
  • Nicely Designed Mechanism makes it easy to fold and easy to Assemble/Disassemble
  • Air craft aluminium Frames which has resistance to rust.
  • Sturdy and Life Time Durable Structure.


  • Frame : Made of Air craft aluminium tube
  • Size: Over all height 143cm( 4..8 Feet) x width 73cm ( 2.39 Feet) x length 100cm ( 3.2 Feet)
  • Total weight of product 2.7 kg
  • Finish: Epoxy powder coating
  • Recommended age group 2 to 10 years
  • Hammock made of cotton Fabric with foam padding
  • Recommended weight limit is 35kg.


  • Can we fit it anywhere without having to call for outside assistance?

    Yes, we have a pamphlet attached which gives a detailed explanation on how to set it up. It can be without any assistance and it can be fit anywhere in your homes or balcony and can be easily removed when not in use.

  • Will it withstand my child’s weight?

    This swing is designed for kids from the age 2-10. It can easily withstand weight up to 35kg. it will not easily break also.

  • What happens if it breaks in a few months?

    We have given you one year warranty and if anything happens in that period, you can call us and we will take care of it.

  • Can we fold it?

    Yes you can fold it when not in use and can reassemble it easily.

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