Vprime Vacuum Turbo Tank Cleaner

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Vprime Vaccum Turbo Tank Cleaner

  • VPrime vacuum turbo tank cleaner compact, light weight and low power consumption device for cleaning of domestic water storage tank. Now, no need to call someone for tank cleaning, no need to drain out water, no need to enter inside the tank, just sweep out deposited sediments in few minutes without affecting water consumption from tank.

Why does every house need a VPrime turbo tank cleaner?

  • In urbanized world, almost every house (or) an Apartment has a Water Tank. Even though the Tank is closed using a lid, very often we find that the water is dirty. The reasons for this are:

  • Salty Nature of the Water leads to deposits in the bottom and sides of the tank. Salty deposits also attract the dirt along with it. Salty deposits are found in Water storage Sump as well
  • Water when filled through Lorry tankers are often dirty.
  • Water Stored in Overhead tank often contains Algae deposits which are green in colour and Muddy deposits that are brown in Colour. Mud flows along with the water from the Well.
  • The dirt accumulated in the tank degrades the quality of the water.
  • The calcaneus deposits harden up over time and may even block the water flow out of the tank.
  • There is no equipment to clean and remove all the dirt from the tank and it is a tedious process.
  • More than 60% of the diseases caused are due to unclean water according to a recent survey.
  • By using harmful bleaching product and other chemicals to clean the tank, people end up having skin irritation and allergic reactions.

The Ultimate Solution for Cleaning of Water Tank

  • While it may not be possible to expect clean water from Wells, Sump and Water bought from outside, it is entirely possible to clean the water stored in overhead tank. Kart555 is proud to introduce the VPrime Vacuum Water Tank Cleaner. VPrime Vacuum Water Tank Cleaner works with a patent pending Syphon technology using which only the dirt in the water is extracted with-out wasting valuable water.

  • Since the handle is made from the material used to construct aeroplanes, it is very durable and will not easily break. The cleaning brush head and brushes are made from high quality steel so it does not corrode when it is placed in water for a long time. It is a one time investment.

How to use

  • The whole water need not be removed in order to clean it. It only removes the dirt through a tube and preserves the water. It can be used to clean plastic and concrete tanks. It is flexible and can be used to clean in all nook and corners. A multipurpose matrix gloves which is a mix of brush and sponge is also attached to it. It can be used by men, women and even children. It can be easily adjustable to any height.

What makes it stand out among other products?

  • Our products are with creativity in terms of Energy conservation, Environmental protection, Economy and with Easiness of daily and emergency needs.
  • CONVENIENT USE-it is very convenient and easy to use. It is highly efficient machine and helps you clean the tank without hassle. It allows water consumption continue during cleaning operation.
  • EASY INSTALLATION-The machine is easy to operate with self-service design. Assembling and installation of machine is very convenient. It is compact and light in weight ensuring you easy operation.
  • EASY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE-Soft brushing or gentle rub will keep the cleaning machine in good condition. This machine does not require high maintenance. For use after long time dry it in sunlight for few hours and it is all set for re-use.


  • Aircraft aluminium
  • Pipe is ABS plastic
  • No current required
  • Turbo Syphon technology.

Before using our product

After using our product


  • 1. How does it work without current?

    The turbo Syphon technology used in Turbo tank cleaner does not need battery or a power supply to work. Hence we do not need current to use the equipment.

  • 2. Should I replace it every month?

    This is a one time purchase. It is very long lasting so you do not have to keep replacing it every few months.

  • 3. Will it make the water dirty while cleaning?

    It only focuses on the walls of the tank and separates the dirt from the clean water. it does not allow the dirt to mix with the clean water and maintains the water quality.

  • 4. How does it work?

    It works on syphon principle. in our system we provided a delivery hose of 10 feet. we can use this system to clean water tank up to 1000 ltr. for bigger tank you have to extend the length of hose and handle.

    In normal cleaning process the length of the hose outside the tank is allways longer than the thelenth of the hose inside. So the weight of the liquid in the hose outside tank is higher and due to gravity its starts flowing out from an air tight hose, vacuum suction is created and siphon draws the water upto the top of the tank. As the the weight of the water is always greater the weight of the water in ouside hose flow will continue, And this suction force is sufficient to pull out the dirt and mud from water tank.

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